Stunning Timber Windows in Essex

With windows being the most prominent element of the exterior of your home, we are sure you would want nothing but the best for the house. Through these tiny windows, outsiders are given a peek into what your style is and helps in making a statement. However, that is not all that winnows are restricted to. Other than aesthetical appeal, these also help in bringing in an appropriate amount of sunshine and provides a comfortable aura. Fortunately, all those looking for timber windows in Essex can bring their search to a halt.

At Smooth Movement Sashes, we understand the importance of windows and bring forth the best quality you would ever get. Offering timber windows in Essex, with our huge range of services and a variety of designs, we bring for you the highest quality material to help you make the right decision. By incorporating technological advancements in the installation, repair, and maintenance processes, we plan on bringing you natural and bespoke timber windows in Essex. 


All designs are created according to the built and the curb appeal of the house. We make use of honored techniques to create products that are not just unique but durable and affordable as well. Each design chosen by you can be personalized according to your needs giving you complete control over the project.

Replace, Renovate, or Repair

Taking pride in our services, we have a team of skilled professionals on hand who are well-versed in the domain of maintenance, renovation, or repair of timber windows in Essex. Our services are not just limited to listed properties as we aim to aid those with unlisted properties as well. We can offer our clients options to replace their older fittings with newer ones, they can get work done on the existing ones, or we can renovate the design for proofing and better finishing through double glazing options.

Peaceful and Environment-Friendly

Are you tired of constantly having to tune into your neighbours chatting or the sound of traffic? With us, you can get timber windows in Essex that will not just boost your curb appeal but will also work miracles when it comes to turning out the rest of the world. Customers can pick from a variety of soundproofing options available, including casement windows or acoustic glasses, etc.

For an environment-friendly approach, we make use of a minimum of B-rated double glazing, which could reduce energy bills and ensure savings on your ends. Moreover, not just financial savings, but the earth can be saved one step at a time as your carbon footprint decreases with us on board.

Let’s Get to Work!

Our process includes various steps starting from the overhaul of the existing windows, removal of excess paint, servicing for hinges, and fixture of grooves for effective sealing. Once we’re done, you can get traditional and premium timber windows in Essex without any hassle. Whether it is renovations or repairs such as draught sealing and whatnot, we have got it covered!

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