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The Outstanding Benefits of Window Shutters

Unless you are living in some quaint French village or a northern Italian Alpine retreat, you probably don’t have window shutters fitted?

Windows shutters are overlooked with impunity and it has left many interior designers baffled as to why we are not getting on board with this useful, practical and elegant form of window décor.

The natural solution is to go for curtains or even blinds. However, window shutters offer an attractive alternative – particularly in the towns and villages of Essex.

Moreover, Essex homeowners demand practicality. So, window shutters can provide this by offering good sound insulation and a great way of blocking out the glaring sun when you need to use a computer or watch television by day.

You can even have the windows open to let the cooler air in, while having the window shutters closed to maintain privacy and keep the room fresh and ventilated.

Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean

Anyone who has ever cleaned blinds will know how cumbersome this task is. But window shutters can be cleaned as easily as wiping over a coffee table or kitchen side. The sturdy material of the shutters can take the credit for that.

Increases the Value of Essex Property

You may all have heard of kerb appeal. It adds value to the home and window shutters can provide a pleasant look from the road. Particularly if your home is the only one on the street with this fresh look.

Shutters also have that timeless look. They are easy on the eye and make for a great talking point when guests come around for dinner or a barbecue.

Some shutters come with adjustable louvres that can be angled to keep out the sun and control just how much light you wish to enter a particular part of the home.

Did you know that if the sun shines through a window everyday on your sofa, it will eventually fade? The use of shutters can prolong the life of furniture and carpets to limit its long exposure to sun or excess light.

The adjustment of the louvres will also prevent outsiders from being able to peer into your home as they walk by.

Shutters can be repainted to give your home a new look. The disassembly process is very straightforward. Just unscrew, paint, reassemble and admire the new look.

If a potential buyer of your home really doesn’t like the idea of shutters, you can inform them the uninstallation process is very simple.