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Sash Windows in Brentwood – A Moving Experience

Sash windows have come a very long way since the days of old schools suffering from stiff window movements, rotting timber frames and flaking paint at the seals. There are examples of early sash windows dating back to the 16th century, but today’s designs are far more dynamic and a popular choice for draught proofing.

Smooth Movement Sashes

Smooth Movement Sashes supply, maintain and for sash windows in Brentwood. It can also look over at your existing property to see if any replacement doors and windows might be needed. Sliding sash windows in Brentwood and across the British Isles are very popular now – just like they have been in years gone by.

One of the key reasons behind the popularity of sash windows is the ease of installation and the low maintenance requirements. That can be credited to the superior design of the sash window. Hard wood or timber sash windows in Brentwood can be double or even triple-glazed to keep the warmth in and the cold out. In these days of energy conservation and efficiency, it is not difficult to see why the sash window remains in our hearts and preferences for our homes and institutions.

Sash windows in Brentwood come in a wide variety of styles and even colours. Many Tudor and Georgian bars and restaurants across the older cities of Britain use sash windows to offset the period drama image of the establishment.

It is down to the modern technology that makes sash windows so popular today. Installation standards have been demanding for the building industry in recent years. Making sure energy efficiency and low maintenance designs are at the heart of all fittings and building installations has meant window manufacturers have had to really up their game.

Sash windows are easy to operate: the heavy weight of the glass panel is balanced by a weight. This weight (called a “sash”) is made of heavy metals like cast-iron, steel or lead. The weight is connected by the windows by a cord (usually braided and made for beads of metal and cotton).

This sash cord runs over a pulley (positioned at the top of the frame) and any repair work needed on these assemblies can often mean the entire two frames are removed and the surround refitted as well.

Smooth Movement Sashes provide uPVC frames as well as the traditional timber surround. To see more examples of this popular window design, look at the sash windows in Brentwood at Smooth Movement Sashes.