Sash windows Hackney

Sash Windows Hackney

Sash windows have become quite the norm over the last couple of years, with more modern structures using these timeless window designs, the concept seems to be immortal with regards to construction. This may be attributed to the durability of Sash windows.
A typical example of a factor which ensures the durability of sash windows lies in the multi-chambered. Sash windows are also reinforced as well as fusion welded in a bid to keep corners tight and firm.

Sash Window Specialists

Smooth Movement Sash is a company founded in 2006 to meet the present and ever-growing need for the installation, maintenance and repair of Sash windows, wooden shutters, timber floors and windows, secondary glazing, slimline, draught proofs, to mention but a few. At Smooth Movement Sash, over a decade of experience in these areas and a rapidly growing list of successful and happy clients make them one of the best in all of London, and arguably the best Sash window specialists in Hackney area.
Our staff are qualified, skilled and trained in the use of modern and traditional tools in sash installations, secondary glazing units, upgrade of single glazed planes to slimline double-glazed units, full box sash replacements, and also well-designed wooden shutters. We seek to improve on previous standards always, ensuring that our clients get the best designs and quality.

Repairs & installation

At Smooth movement Sash windows, we know the challenges associated with the installation and maintenance of sash windows, hence our dedicated unit for the repair and installation of sash windows, glazed and double-glazed units. With unmatched skill and finesse, we carry out extensive fixes such as draughts, rattles, sticking sashes, broken cords etc.

Something worthy of note is that having draught-proof fittings, acoustic window and double-glazed sash windows can significantly reduce the noise level around you, plus, the latter is also useful in keeping a great deal of cold out.
Our services are in three broad categories
• We draught proof and double glaze your home
• We modernize your sash windows
• We renovate and repair your sash windows
Our team is equipped for fast and reliable job delivery. All our works are guaranteed for five years minimum, a mark of our confidence in the quality we deliver. We survey and draw up costs for a job so that clients may decide from available options what they want.

Our services are affordable, even cheap at the price and clients get a breakdown of materials and costs used for any job we execute.
We also offer unique and customizable designs; Therefore, if you want a particular design or have an idea you intend to use, our team is willing to sit and devise a way to bring it to life.

Contact us
We are open for business all year round, all you need do is visit our office, or place a call across to us. You may also decide to leave a message on our website and we will get back to you as soon as we can; an email service is also available.
Remember, quality and standard are our watchwords, we give you the best without compromise.