Sash window repairs are often necessary due to dry or wet wood rot and is usually found in the window sill. Our professional joiners can remove and repair even the most severely damaged windows.

New wood can be added into areas that require replacement when deterioration has become too excessive to repair. Rest assured that the repair will be made to match the style of your existing sash windows.

It’s usually possible to restore even the most rundown sash windows. Most old sash windows are made from highly durable timber. So it makes sense to repair and keep original wood as much as possible.

There are several ways to decide whether you should have a professional assess your sash windows for repair. By looking at your windows, you can see if the paint has deteriorated, or if there is existing water damage in the joints. A visual inspection can also give you clues to underlying wood rot if you notice any discolouration in the paint. Often times rot is found in the joints, sills, top and bottom rails. These are only a few of the tell-tale signs of damaged sash windows.Sash window needing repairs

If after taking your own visual assessment of your windows you would like to have a professional make an visit, you can contact us at Smooth Movement Sashes in Essex. We can guide you in a further inspection and provide detail on what areas are in most need of repair. Sash window repair recommendations will be made based on our findings and a cost estimate will also be provided.

Upon completion of your sash window repair, you will be provided with tips and recommendations for maintenance of your sash windows to minimise wear and ensure that further repair won’t be necessary for many years to come.

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We also offer the following services – sash window refurbishment, sash window draught proofing and replacement sash windows.