New Year, New Decor Ideas!

With the new year almost upon us, our thoughts often turn to freshening up our home in time for spring.  Whether you are planning a total refurbishment, a new kitchen or bathroom or just a touch of redecorating or some new furnishings, it can be an exciting time with lots of ideas swirling around.

Coupled with great visions of grandeur, comes the reality of budgeting and ensuring you don’t stretch yourself too far too when undertaking works on your home.  In this blog, we thought we would look at some cheap and easy ways to give your home a spruce up for as low a cost as possible.  Of course, its always great fun to look through high end interior magazines and covet their fancy wall papers and exotic one-off furnishings,so take inspiration from them by all means, but source more cost effective alternatives online or on the High Street.

We’ve sourced some of the biggest interior trends for 2015 from, one of the biggest online resources for interior design and thought we’d share them with you for your very own inspiration.


Big, Comfy Sectionals,

Sure, the sectional is the stuff of family rooms circa 1987, but it is back in a big way, and why shouldn’t it be? As living rooms have become more relaxed places for lounging, we have less need for formal sofas and more love for a versatile padded zone that lets us sprawl out however we like. This sectional, dressed in elegant grey upholstery, invites one to lie down with a plush throw and a good book or game.


The Deep Blue

If there’s one thing that causes the Houzzer community to hit the “like” button, it’s a room coated in an interesting, saturated blue. Traditionally, blue has been a calming color. We think people like the idea of cozying up in the hues of the deepest sea. If you’ve already done black or charcoal, here’s a new way to add richness and drama.


Old Table, Mod Seats

On Houzz, we are seeing a lot of interiors in which contemporary chairs are paired with rustic tables. Maybe it’s just that people want it both ways, but we think that there’s something else behind the popular look. By pairing two things that don’t seem to go together, you are actually emphasizing the best qualities of both.


Vintage Tubs

In this digital world, it’s sometimes nice to retreat to something low-tech. Most vintage-style tubs don’t have jets or infinity edges, but they do allow for an old-fashioned, all-embracing soak. On a related note, we’re seeing bathtubs in bedrooms, too. There’s something unspeakably luxurious about being able to roll out of bed and into a deep tub (or vice versa).


Libraries As Decor

There’s something soothing about being surrounded by books. And now libraries are making a comeback, despite the proliferation of e-readers. Libraries preserve memories of the characters, the words, and the stories that have touched us and remind us of where we’ve been and who we want to be.


Pale Driftwood Finishes

When it comes to wood finishes, we’re looking toward the beach and its pale-gray shades of driftwood. Products in this hue have the softness of lighter-colored boards but the gravitas of dark planks.


Four-Poster Beds

Four-poster beds are hardly new, but like many classic furniture designs, they they are having a moment. Why now? People love the romance of the pillared pieces. Plus, their cube like form suggests four walls, which gives loungers a feeling of privacy and sanctuary, especially in loftlike spaces.

Of course, the pictures above are high end interior design shots, but there is nothing stopping you from taking the ideas and running with them in a way that suits your own budget and tastes.  However you chose to update your décor this winter, don’t forget that Smooth Movement Sashes can repair, re-fit and replace your sash windows throughout London and Essex.  Call us on 020 3701 8837 or click here to contact us by email.