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Keep Sash Windows Warm In Winter

Sash windows look stunning in the right property, but they can be a little draughty and are not always the most heat efficient.  That said, there is no need to rush to replace your existing sash windows now the cold weather is setting in – simply look at ways to keep the heat in instead.

Here are some top ideas from Smooth Movement Sashes as to how to keep warm in sash house!

1. Heavy Curtains

This may seem like a very obvious solution, but traditionally thick,lined curtains were used in period properties not only to keep the light out but also to keep the heat in.  You could even consider shutters or blinds.  Whatever you choose – this can offer a stylish way to keep drafts out of your rooms.

The best thing about using curtains or blinds as extra insulation is that they offer a cheap, easy to install solution.

On the down side though, they are really only effective when the curtains are closed, and the the glass remains cold which can lead to condensation and potential damp problems.

2. Draught Proofing

You can try your own way to do this for a mininal cost by sticking some masking tape over unused windows, especially during winter. This will keep draughts down.

Many secondary glazing options (see below) may also have a draught-proofing effect but if your windows are very draughty you are liable to significantly reduce the effectiveness of your efforts. Draughtproofing can have a dramatic effect but care should be taken to make sure you still have adequate ventilation especially in wet rooms, kitchens or rooms that suffer from high humidity levels. The windows will have to be taken out to install a routed draught proofing system as the material needs to be routed on all sliding and abutting sections.

3. Secondary Glazing

There are so many options to chose from, to suit a variety of budgets. If, for example, you are just renting a home for a short period of time and looking to get through a winter in some comfort then the one season only window film might be an option.This is easy to install –  you stick it on as taut as you can then then use a hair dryer on to make it even more taut. Then voila – sit in and keep warm until the Spring when it can be removed again.

A step up is polyester sheets. These are a little thicker and can be rolled up and used the next year. Usually these are stuck on with magnetic strips.

If you are looking for a permanent option, you can have permanent or semi permanent glass secondary glazing. Internet kits usually come in thin aluminium frames or you can have a carpenter knock some up. You should expect to pay upwards of a few hundred points for these types of system. The major downsides are that they are a significant contraption on the inside of your existing windows both visually and in terms of opening to the outside.

We would always recommend having a professional like us coming in to assist you with your secondary glazing needs.

4. Replace The Glazing

If you can afford it, this may be the best option, allowing you to keep your existing frames and just replace the glass with extremely thin double glazing. As the windows need to be removed in order to replace the glass, and add new heavier weights, it makes sense to install a brush draught system at the same time.

The benefits include a slight reduction in heat loss and that the original frames and boxes can be retained. The downside is that although the actual glass isn’t very expensive, a fair amount of skilled work that needs to be done, so they aren’t cheap. Expect to pay upwards of Ã?£500 a window.

5. Replace your sash windows

The most extreme option is to replace the windows and frames. Here at Smooth Movement Sashes Ltd we can supply and fit new sash windows to replace your existing ones. We can offer bespoke replacements to suit your individual needs, that meet all the requirements specified by conservation officers and have extensive experience of working within the guidelines.

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