1. What type of wood do you use on the windows

Hardwood is used. Normally a wood called Sapele.

2. Which is better, repair or replace?

This is dependent on each individual window. However we can guide you through the process to reach your desired outcome.

3. Can you replace my plastic windows with timber?

Yes we can do this. This would improve the character of the property and may also add some value.

4. What happens if I find a fault after you leave?

We provide a 5 year guarantee on completion of the works. We would return to the property to rectify any problems.

5. How long is your lead time?

The lead time for new joinery is approximately 5-7weeks.

6. How long does the process take?

Works to a typical window takes around half a day.

7. Do You Provide Free Estimates?

Yes we do.

8. Are sash windows secure?

Yes. Sash windows can be fitted with a variety of locks and centre catches as required.

9. Which areas do you cover?

We cover all areas of Essex and London.

10. Can you decorate my sash windows?

Yes we can provide decoration services.