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Easy DIY Maintenance For Your Sash Windows

The sash window was designed over 3 centuries ago, and those of us that have them in our houses we should love them and should show them the respect that they deserve.

At Smooth Movement Sashes we are professionals in repairing, refitting or replacing sash window in all different types of properties.  There are however, some things that you can do at home to keep them looking good and in good repair.

So special are sash windows and the bygone era that they represent, there are even specialists in advising homeowners on how to look after the period features in their home.  Richard Doller recommends the following tips:

Basic maintenance

It is important to inspect your windows at least once a year in order to ensure they are in working order and are not letting in draughts etc. Outside paintwork should also be done every five to eight years to ensure they look in great condition and do not have flaky paintwork.

Also, if your windows are sticking, this could be due to excess paint which has not been removed properly, if this is not the problem then call your local sash window company.


Whilst we all like to paint our sash windows to give them the personalised look we desire, it is important to do it correctly. The secret to a successful paint job is preparation. You should rub the panes down with sugar soap and remove off any previous paintwork.

Sandpaper may also be needed in order to ensure that all panes are smooth to paint. When painting, normally a one inch paint brush will be sufficient for any job especially for glazing bars.

Draught proofing

If you have had your sash windows for a long period of time, you may notice some draughts coming through. It is important to get a professional to see to this so that it is done properly and lasts as long as possible and some of the clear advantages of this option are:

All repairs will be carried out professionally

Air leakage will be sufficiently reduced

Your windows will not rattle anymore

Your seals will be almost invisible due to the tools professionals use

You will also save yourself some money

By ensuring all draughts are stopped, you will be making your sash windows energy efficient which is really important this winter. Ensuring you have double glazing will also benefit the energy efficiency of your windows and increase the warmth of your home.

At Smooth Movement Sashes we can offer you the same level of advice on the care of your much loved sashes. We can also help you with every single aspect of their ongoing maintenance and repair. Call us on 020 3701 8837 or click here to contact us by email.